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© 2019 by Vital HR, Sibiu, Romania.

Tel: 0730.772.666

Oituz str., No. 12

Sibiu, Romania, 550337


About us


We truly believe that we are unlike other HR companies. Vital HR offers practical solutions to companies that need assistance in matters of human resources. We focus on providing custom solutions that meet specific needs of every company, rather that defaulting on too general, broad and universal solutions.

The key to developing personalized solutions is spending more quality time understanding your company’s strategy and business objectives. Also, part of our own strategy is to provide you with the most suitable members of our team, to assist your business needs.

Whether or not you need a human resources consultant, a training and development specialist, or someone to design and implement change management programs, our team of experts can cater for a wide range of business requirements.  

If you have any questions, you can leave us an message: